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Monday, 30 April 2012

==> The Body Shop - *BORN LIPPY* Raspberry Lip Balm (Review) <==

bonjour Mesdames! 
I hope you are doing great today! :)

And for all you Mesdames out there! (It's a french word for ladies) :P 
I have a super delicious product for your **Lips** 
It's my favorite thing and i hope you guys will like it :D Cuz it's soooo wonderful!
And this is my Body Shop - BORN LIPPY raspberry lip balm. 
Can you see the dent in the pot :P I've used it soo much.. lol ==> ( Snapshots continued--- ) <==

Sound's yummy right? :P
It's even more yummy when you apply that all over your lips. ahem ahem! ;)
Alright! Ladies let's get started. 
So this is my Lip Balm which i use every day and night even when going to bed. And the best part about this is --> It keeps my Lips awesome! Just so .... moisturized, soft, supple and all of that <-- :)

So I'm using this product from past two years! And yess! I'm still using it. 
It's so addictive. Now the one I'm using right now is Raspberry aaaand it just keeps my lips delicious all day! :D
I got this pot for 205 rupees from the mall and it comes in a super handy pot which is easy to carry even in your wallet. I simply loveeeeee that! 

It's a glossy and a moisturizing lip balm with raspberry flavour .. that leaves your lips looking and feeling soft, smooth and kissable ;) 

Since the day I'm using this one my lips are more smooth and soft. Actually there are many more flavors in this like orange, strawberry.. I've used these as well.. (you can check more of these at any body shop stores out there) But My favorite one is Raspberry.  
I guess we all love body shop products and so for those of you who haven't tried this amazing product please check that out as soon as possible. It's a must thing in your make up kit or your essentials. I always keep this close to me and i use this to create nude make up looks as well. I always apply this First and then apply my lipstick or gloss or whatever. 
My lips are protected all day. And guys! During summers it's very important to protect your skin from the harmful ultra rays of the sun so why not carry such kind of a lip gloss and apply that to keep your lips protected from pollution, dust and to avoid chapped lips.
Now when you apply this product you can actually smell the raspberries which is such an amazing turn on for yourself only. Actually i can buy many more pots of these lip balms just for the sake of it's smell and it's deliciousness :D
So you can see that I love this one so much :P No doubts! :P I seriously do and that is why I'm sharing this with you guys.. 
And this pot will last for a long time.. :D And it gives my lips a pinkish color as well ,which looks soo pretty :o)
So the ingredients shown on the pot are : 
Raspberry extract - helps provide a natural fruity flavor. 
Umm... I dunno about that but all that I've experienced is that it's the best lip balm to me. It has given me great results and i simply love it for it's smell and performance. 
And that's it :)
So i hope that i have shared all good information about this product and if there is something you guys would like to ask. Please comment below :)
My rating on this product is 5/5 
(Absolutely wonderful product )
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Catch you guys soon!
I gotta study now. 
My exams are coming! please wish me luck :( :( 
Seee ya .. have fun! Take care 
 bbyee ^_^