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Monday, 2 April 2012

Hello Divas :) SOME EXCITING STUFF * What's in my Bag *

I feel so good to express my views through this blog. ;)
Oh btw To START with I'm going to share what all i have in my CARRY BAG. or HANDBAG what you usually call :P
I was thinking about what to start with and i thought to myself this is a perfect thing to share with you guys. You know basically every girl owns a HANDBAG. It's so essential and it really defines who you are. trust me. Your personality is judged by various things. It's a fact. Whatever you carry or wear becomes 'YOU'
SO its IMPORTANT to start defining yourself by making a statement to others. you know what i mean right. EVERY GIRL wants that.
yeah so, this post is for all of you ladies and teens and anyone who want some tips on WHAT TO STUFF IN YOUR CARRY/HANDBAG. 
AND *IF you don't own one! You should probably start thinking about this essential requirement when your on the move.*
 :) alright. So lets get started - 

1. A NICE BIG OR EVEN SMALL (as per your requirement) BAG.
here are some few handbags that you can pick according to your need.


2. Okay got a handbag? :D cool! now the second thing you need is USEFUL STUFF to fill in. I've seen so many people they carry unnecessary weight on their shoulders and that is so wrong. It can even cause harm to your body. But i hope you're not going to make that same mistake. Now things that i keep in my handbag are:
- A diary& pen. ( very essestial ) I need to note down so much of things and details throughout the day.  
- Face wipes or tissues.
- A moisturizer cream and a hand cream
- A small colagate plax or you can use any oral mouthwash solution
- ear buds or toothpicks  
- band aids ( i require ) :/
- A comb
- few bobby pins or hair clips & Rubber bands
- A coin purse to put all the coins in. ( i love collecting them) :P
- A deo or sometimes a perfume ( small bottles are pretty handy and they keep you fresh and odor free ) I love smelling delicious all day :D
- Some Gums/ sweets ( strawberry my fav) 
- Then i keep my wallet and inside are all my necessary cards and money that i need. 
- A nice pair of sunglasses to keep my eyes protected
- A pack of uno cards to play or sometimes i keep a novel of my fav author so that whenever i'm bored i can read or play
And yeah that's all. I dunno if i'm forgetting something. But this is the usual stuff i keep with me on the go.
So i think to start off if you wanna go for a handbag and you're probably sitting there and wondering what should i keep inside, this is what you can refer to.

And yeah if you do have any feedback or comments or any other tips you're free to post.
I hope you have a great experience with your handbag and i wish to see you next time i write something for YOU :)
Have a greatt day , may god bless you and keep smiling.
Stay in touch.
Your friend

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