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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Pond's *Daily Face Wash* Review ==> Great Product! <==

Hey Beautiful ladies :)
**Greetings** :D

So in today's post I'm going to review a Pond's Product. It's :

POND'S daily face wash ( Active Cleansing System ) ;)

BUT before that i want to share my story for getting this one. I went to the store to buy my Pond's anti pimple face wash. This is the face wash i was using earlier. 
Though i don't have pimples but it proved to be a great product on my skin. There were signs of pimples popping but anti - pimple by pond's assured me not to let them come on face. And trust me, it was working great. So then the bottle got emptied and i went to the store to get another one but the guy by mistake, handed me this one and even i din't checked that out :/
So when i came back home and took out the face wash from the carry bag i realized uh oh! I've got a wrong product. :( That wasn't the anti pimple. But i was too lazy to go out and get that changed. I read the description on the tube and i was like okay, I guess i should try this. And that is how i started using this. 

And so i'm going to share my experience with the product :D So let's begin ;)

So this product claims to be an active cleansing system which results in clean and soft skin - which i agree. It did worked. I could feel my face to be absolutely cleaned and dirt free. There was no oil on the face after using it. It contains glycerin and vitamin E which is highly good for smooth skin, i believe. So liked the ingredients of the product. :)

Basically this is a cleanser and if you will read on the back of this tube it's written that '' The first step in the facial care for soft, smooth skin."
Okay i agree guys! We all need a clean face everyday . No one likes to be messy or oily. So a cleanser is very important but this is a cleanser and a Face Wash. So it's great. I've seen cleansers are very light, umm.. gel types.. if you get what i mean.. they don't make a lot of foam on your face which is also good anyway but talking about this one. It makes a lot of foam on skin. And honestly i like face washes with foam. :/ i dunno why, but i do. So this was great for me. 
Okay and the big part it's for ALL SKIN TYPES. :D 
So one really doesn't need to worry at all :)

Now how to use this ? 
 A pea size is enough to cleanse your face thoroughly, Just splash your face with water and rinse off  and and and it doesn't make your face slippery at all.  I hate that thing a lot, Washes that make skin slippery :/
So it claims to be 100% soap free and actually in my experience i am happy to use this simply because my face feels fresh and it removes all the dirt and oil perfectly. Though i don't have an oily skin. It's Normal. But it does get oily at times, specially in summers. So i have to take care of that. 
So my dear readers, i would recommend this product to you all. Try that and see the results. 
I hope you enjoyed reading this review. 
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Take care guys! Have a great day ahead. 
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BByee :)