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Friday, 27 April 2012

Product Review ==> *Feet Up* by Oriflame <==

Hey EVERYONE! :) Good evening! 
So today I'm going to do a product review. One of the best foot cream that worked on my feet. It's Feet Up By Oriflame.

Now I'm pretty sure you guys have heard about 'Oriflame' which is famous for it's variety of cosmetics. So i got this product last year for my toes and i simply love <3 <3 this one. 
So I'm going to talk about this right now but before that i want to tell you guys that foot care is very important just as your other body areas. They need  special care as well because our poor toes are in use 24/7. So it does requires a special treatment. B-)
So for that i would recommend this foot cream to you guys, Since it worked like a charm on my feet and they are more soft and better now. 

So during my High school my foot were always clean, soft and beautiful looking. But when i entered college, i had to walk miles , everywhere, here and there, each day. So my foot got hard , the softness was also missing and they appeared to be a little cracked up when i use to touch them. I was worried :/ So one day, there was this neighbor of mine who was selling these oriflame products door to door. So she came to our place and i was looking at the brochure and i spotted this Cream and quickly ordered for it. Though it was kinda pricy. But that's okay! Mom had to finance it anyway :P 
So here's what the product is all about which surprisingly worked well on my foot and saved it's beauty. 
So this is a cream like any other cream but it's a little thick white in texture. 
A pea size is enough to moisturize the feet.
Now this cream contains Soothing Orange blossom and wheat germ. Now i dunno what are the benefits of these two things but i am just telling you guys the results i got after using this cream. I used it for weeks and got the difference. My feet were restored or you can say rejuvenated again :D I feel so happy. 
When you buy this product it will be in a tube, a very cute green and white packaging. You can carry this anywhere. Since it's so handy and occupies less space in your carry bag. I got this for 230 rupees. And the quantity was e75 ml.
And it smells great too.. I can smell the orange blossom :P
I've applied it right now as well. If you want Best results from this cream, apply that in winters because you can wear your socks after applying this and hop around everywhere and your foot is secured. 
But i use this in summers as well after bath ,everyday. And i am happy to see my beautiful toes again :)
It feel's great. So if you guys are facing the same problem. Highly recommended Product. 5/5 
Never knew Oriflame produces great products :D
When you apply this cream , you will observe that your feet feels relaxed and it just soothes up everything. You will feel some kinda coldness on your feet, i dunno if it has some kind of mint agent also. But it does feels refreshed. The cream gets quickly absorbed into the skin and makes it supple and soft. 
And yeah! That's all. I hope you guys like this product and try it once on your feet. 
That's it for today! Thank you for reading :)
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See you next time! ^_^
Till then, Take care... Have funn! And... Keep in touch for more stuff :) :D


  1. i use this foot cream too..

  2. wher can i get this?? my feet need help too:)

  3. Hey! Thank you guys for your comments :)
    Shazia you can get this from any orilflame agents/members who sells these products in each area. Actually i have no idea about a shop that keeps oriflame products. you can order on phone and your agent will bring it for you. You can check their website for buying products.
    link :
    hope this helps :)

  4. me too love this footcream ...btw nice review ...:)

  5. I have the crack heel repair cream and love it :)

  6. Hey beautilicious blogger.. Which cream is that btw? and i started following ur blogs through email :)

  7. hey nice review.....BTW i am already ur follower...

    and i am surely getting this cream...

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