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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

==> * A traveller's guide to Delhi * <== Explore with me!

Hey there! Welcome to my page :)
I hope you're doing Greatt!! So let's begin O_o
In today's post I'll be sharing 5 of my FAVORITE places in DELHI or DILLI whatever you like to call it ;) and yeahh! I loveeeeee DELHI like anything! And the reasons for loving it sooo much are : 
1: I was born here!
2: I love to explore Delhi's places, nukads and galiyaan :P 
3:I love the culture, food and offcorse The DILLIWALAS :D 
haha! ^_^
So i guess the reasons are enough to tell you guys how much i love my city. 
and that is why i am going to share my all time favorite  places where i love hanging out with friends and family.
So South Delhi is what i love the most. I love hanging out to all the places nearby and trust me all the fun is here. 
Okay with no further delay I am going to get started! B-) 
So here are the places i love the most and i love everything about them.

1: Select city walk mall, saket :
Okay so it's one of the best Shopping Mall among famous Shopping centers, markets and top 10 malls in New Delhi. I love this mall so very much simply because 3 malls are connected together. Metropolitan, DLF and City walk. And that makes it grand ;)
You will find so many brands in one mall. It's designed so well. You can actually spend your weekend and free time with your loved ones. I simply love ittt! My favorite outlets/ brand showrooms are : KAZO, MANGO, ZARA, TOMMY, UCB, WILLS LIFESTYLE, BOSSINI,LEVIS AND i can go on and on! lol So i stop here. I love checking out stuff and these are my fav places to shop at. 
And the food court at DLF is awesome!! I love itt. It offers so much to eat, you name it and you have it there. 
And yeahh! My favorite eating destination is ( inside the mall only) 
Mochas @ DLF ( I soo love the Mocha salsa wrap) freakishly tasty and delicious :D Mouth started watering :P
And then I like Punjab grill and Geoffrey's and the FOOD COURT of dlf and saket. It's the best place to entertain your taste buds.
So city walk is the place i love the most. You will find metro, autos, buses, cabs for transportation. I hope you have a good time visiting the place! :)

2: G.K- M block market :
This is a cool place to hangout, shop, eat and explore. I love M block market in Greater kailash. Shoppers would love to explore the market simply because you will find variety of restaurants and shops for clothes, handbags, footwear, accessories and much more. It's kind of a square market surrounded by vendors and sellers. I love to shop accessories and clothes specially tops and shirts. You can get them at such a low price. You need to be a BARGAIN QUEEN like me :P Do bargain for discounts on everything.
What i love the most about G.K is that it doesn't empty my pocket. I can get anything i want there at an affordable price. So yeah! M- block market is something you should check out of you haven't been there yet. :)

3 : LAJPAT NAGAR Market :
Well, This place needs no introduction simply because every Dilli wala is familiar with the place. It's Huge. 
I love lajpat nagar market because I love to shop all the affordable stuff from there be it handbags, accessories, clothes, furniture, bedsheets etc etc. There are hundreds of shops there and you will find everything at this place. You name it and you have it. Since i love bargaining, this place offers me brilliant discounts on my purchases. This place is also familiar with the name of CENTRAL MARKET. It's surrounded by a mall also, 3cs so if you're in a mood to watch movie you can visit this mall and the food court is also very cute and nice. You can go there with friends and family to have a nice time. Oh but btw i was talking about the Lajpat Nagar market so yeah, It's a cool place to hangout. You can shop some nice bags, footwear, paintings  (only if you love them) I love paintings and wall hangings. ^_^ And there is this eating place called Golden fiesta inside the market. You will love the yummy sandwiches and Chinese food they offer. Pretty cheap. A sandwich will cost you 35 rs. :P That's it. 
And one more thing. There is this shop called '' Stush /stilettos and you will find a variety of footwear. It's the best shop to buy footwear simply awesome and at such an affordable price. Love to go there ;) So yeah! go and explore and you won't regret. :)

4: Defence colony : 
Okay guys! This is an awesome place. 'Def col' is what it is usually called. This place is so freakishly nice to explore, simply because the crowd is soo good :p
This place offers a whole variety of famous restaurants and eating joints. If you love Non veg, try colonel's kebab, awesome chicken, simply mouth watering. If you like south Indian go to Sagar ratna, It is famous for it's south Indian food. I love the dosa :P I don't like much of south Indian btw. :P But you can definitely try this place. Then there is this shop called PETLAND. if you have cute puppies or you are planning to buy one you can visit this shop. It's a very famous one. You will find all the animal products including food and toys for your pet. Def col has always been my favorite destination to hang out.  Moet's and Kents are other two food joints that are popular there from a very long time. If you like cakes and pastries try Angel's in my kitchen. I love that place, it offers a hell lot of tasty cakes and delicious pastries.  :) So you guys should definitely go and explore the magic of this place. 

and----------- The Final One for Now. ------ Gosh, I'm tired writing :P I have so much to share with you guys but i'm a lazy bum. But anyway here i go again ;)

So the last place ( for now ) is :

5:  Khan Market :
Khan market is a place which is so popular by its name only. Everyone knows about this place simply because it is the costliest retail market in Delhi. It is again a small U shaped market and the classiest as well. It's a place where you will find voyagers exploring everywhere. Mostly foreign tourists are seen at this place because it is just so popular and a coolest place to hangout. It has a wide variety of stores including modern showrooms like nike, Benetton, Goodearth and much more as well as few shops are famous for keeping antique jewellery and stuff like that. It's a very posh area and gives you plenty of options to explore the place. You will find bookstores, flower shops ,cafes, restaurants and much more.
It is famous for it's food specially kebabs from KHAN CHACHA. It is an old shop serving the best of non veg and veg rolls and kebabs in Delhi. The food is just so tasty. A must try if you haven't been to this place yet. You will realize you were missing something really amazing. Khan chacha is a place where all the popular celebs also visit like shahrukh khan, ranbir kapoor and cricketers as well for a piece of roll. There is a bulletin there where you will see the autographs and pics of your favorite celebs. It's a cool place to visit. 5/5
Other than that there are plenty of more outlets for you like ccd, subway, boombox cafe- if you like hookah and all, barista, choko la for delicious chocolates,  pastries and cakes. I love ittt. Also if you are in a mood to shop, this place offers branded showrooms like levis, woodland and much more.So guys! I hope i have given you enough information about the place. So if you haven't been there.Go for it! EXPLORE, ENJOY AND EAT B-)

So that's it! I hope you enjoy reading 5 of my favorite places in DELHI and i hope you will also like all these places and get addicted to them like me :P
haha. Anyways! Post in your comments or feedback or any other question if you wish to. Take care, have a nice day! And KEEP READING my blog for more exciting stuff ;) :)
See you!!!

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