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Saturday, 9 June 2012

==> *BODY SHOP* ----- Chocomania Body Butter <==

Hey everyone! :) What's up? 

So today i'm going to do a body butter review and this is my favorite Chocomania Body Butter by Body Shop. OOooooOOOOh and who doesn't love Chocolate?  :P
And Do you guys like to pamper yourself with chocolate? 

So firstly let me tell you some interesting facts : 

Body Butter Uses and stuff like that -- Don't scroll down. READ THIS! You gotta know this okay! :P
( but hey! if you already know it's uses.. you can scroll down.. and go ahead and read the reviews :P )

But to all those ladies and Men who don't know the uses of body butter here's a quick info : 

1 : It will restore moisture to your skin and replenish the healthy look!
2 : Body Butter has been known to help reduce early signs of wrinkling and it helps to make skin stronger and more resistant to being stretched.
3 : It will give your skin clean and shiny look all day!
4 :Certain types of body butters are meant to help reduce scars and stretch marks. 
And if you guys really want to know more about the benefits of *BODY BUTTER* i would suggest you to google it and read all about it before purchasing anything. 

-------------------------------------------- :) ----------------------------------------------

So that was a quick info about the uses of this product. 
I prefer some good known brands for trying such kind of products. There are several okay! SEVERAL companies who promise to give you a better product but i go with those brands for such kinds of products who are known , famous and have spent years in making such products.
And one kind of that brand is -- BODY SHOP
we all know about it. it's soo soo famous ...
And so it has a wide range of body butters and lotions and stuff like that.

I picked out this pot for use and I loved ittt! 

Oh btw i wanna tell you guys, that i got this in winters because it's best to use in winters as your skin is dry and lifeless :[ My skin totally dries out during winters. But with the use of this product i could make it supple, fresh , moisturized and glowing! :) and that is why i love it :) :)

So let's get to the reviews of the product :

==> *BODY SHOP* ----- Chocomania Body Butter <==
Snapshots : 

First let me tell you about the price and quantity of the product. 

Price is - 345/- INR for 50 ml 1.6 oz / (48 g)

Now the reviews : 

I got this to make my home made primer . YES!! you read it right ! :D 
Actually i saw on one of the youtube videos how to make home made primer for your eyes. 
So you gotta need 3 things : body butter , foundation or concealer. 
And you have to mix these items in appropriate quantity and it's ready. 
I suggest you to watch it in one of the videos on how to make a primer for your eyes. ( ONLY IF YOU'RE INTERESTED) 

Okay so coming back to the product.. 
I loved the smell of this.. Smelled exactly like chocolate and i stopped myself from eating this honestly. lol.. I loveeeee chocolate :P
And you guys must be aware chocolate is soo good for skin. 
I picked out this one because i love chocolate and it was smelling great. So i had to.. 
I bought this to make my cheap primer and it worked great. My eye shadows lasted pretty longer than usual. And also, i used it everyday after my shower to get the best out of this. 
On the top  it's written 48 hours FEEL GOOD HYDRATION!
and it does keep your skin moisturized and supple for a long long time. 
Body shop's chocomania promises : 
This decadently chocolatey body butter gives extra long lasting hydration. 
It contains 13 community fair trade ingredients  - The most we'v ever put into one product. 
It leaves skin sweetly scented and feeling softer and smoother. 

It has got a buttery texture, it gets quickly absorbed and you gotta indulge yourself into the chocolatey scent... :D :D

And trust me you will fall in love with this body butter exactly like me.  
And it's a must try for everyone who longs to get a shiny, radiant and supple skin. 
This will work absolutely wonders for your skin.
You just need a little bit ,a pea size of the body butter and warm it up with your hands and massage it all over your body, specially your hands and feet and it will melt. Don't take a lot of it. It's a little greasy as well. A tiny amount is enough to use. And that's it. See how it makes your skin soft, moisturized and shiny in seconds. You will get addicted to it. 
They have a wide range of other options as well. You can choose from the options at the body shop store. 
But i got my eyes onto this. 
So i hope you guys like the reviews and comment below let me know what you think about it. 
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See you soon!
Take care, have a great day and keep visiting for more reviews and exciting stuff ... ! byee :) :) 


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