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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

On the menu => ''EVERYDAY SANDWICH'' <= Recipe! ^_*

Hey guys! :) 
Today i am going to share another sandwich recipe with you. 
It's my favorite => *Everyday Sandwich* <=

I love sandwiches! :P they are my favorite! So this sandwich is very very easy to make. 
This is a very light sandwich, yet filling. you can have this at any time of the day. A good on the go meal. You can have it anytime! :) 
It will only take 5-6 mins that's it. B-) 
Let's see what all you need :- 
1. Bread slices - (2-4) 
I don't eat white bread so i picked up harvest 100% wheat bread with oats.
It's a very healthy bread. And my favorite. you can either take white or brown as per your desire. 
2. Cheese (if you want)
I din't add cheese in this since it's my everyday sandwich and at times i don't like a lot of cheese in my sandwiches.
3. Butter
4. cucumber slices in roundels
5. onions sliced in roundels and rings separated.
6. tomatoes sliced in roundels
7. some chopped cilantro
8. chaat masala or salt and pepper according to your taste. 

Here's what ya need to do :
I am writing this recipe for 1 whole sandwich which includes 2 bread slices.

So take 2 slices of bread of your choice. 
Spread butter all over the bread. 
place slices of cucumbers on one slice. you need to cover the bread with cucumbers, finely sliced. 
place onions rings separated on the cucumbers.
place tomato slices on top of that. 
add some finely chopped cilantro on top of that. 
sprinkle either salt & pepper according to taste or chaat masala. 
add a slice of cheese, if you wish to. 
cover the bread with the second slice of bread.
press gently.
cut them into your favorite shape and serve! :)
I din't grill my sandwich but if you want to have some crunch. grill them for few seconds and serve!
Everyday sandwich is ready!! ;) serve with tomato ketchup or mustard sauce.
That's it! No rocket science.. lol :P
So i hope you enjoy this everyday sandwich and le me know how was it. ^_^
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