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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Tea Time Favorites! *Twinings Elaichi Tea*

Hey everyone! 
Nice to see you again :)
So today we are going to do a quick review on this wonderful, amazing - TEA!
It's my all time favorite - TWININGS ELAICHI TEA OF LONDON. 
and i absolutely love the rich aroma of this tea. 

snapshots : 

The reason i am doing this post is nothing in particular but i wanted to share my views about this product as it was worth the purchase. And i wanted to write something different so i picked up this topic. :D
Almost everyone loves tea and regardless of the number of times one drinks tea, It always provides refreshment and energy to the body. 
There are several tea companies manufacturing several kinds of tea ranging from green tea to yellow. But we Indians love only the ''desi chai''and that is the normal flavored tea. 

So I am going to share my favorite cup of tea with you. And the one flavor which i absolutely love in tea is Elaichi or cardamom. 
Normally i only sip 2 cups of tea in a day. And I'm not very fond of coffee. I do like it but only when I'm in some cafe but not otherwise. The home made coffee - never! lol
So I am a tea person and i love trying out new flavors in this category. 
So i picked up this twinings elaichi pack and it was not at all disappointing. 

If you're not a tea person and you are not interested in reading about this you can stop reading this post. :) 

And for those of you who are interested in knowing more about this brand and the kind of tea it makes -- Go on reading! :) 
So let me just go ahead and get started. 

First i will tell you about the price and quantity of this pack. It's a big one!

price - 150 rupees
quantity - 25 tea bags
And since I'm a tea person and i love this refreshment so much I do not like to put much attention on the pricing of the product,specially if i feel something is good enough to pick. 
So although it was kind of pricey! I picked it up :D

This is basically a ''tea bag'' pack and i was very much impressed with the packaging of this. Each tea bag was packed separately in a nice paper bag. 
You can see that in the snapshots. 

So the flavor i picked was Elaichi and this is not the green cardamom. it's the thick one, the brown one which smells sort of strong and not very sweet. It's the thick brown second version of elaichi lol. 
Whatever it is, it's good and feels as if I've crushed that elaichi in my kitchen before putting it into the tea. Oh i just found out the exact name of this from my mom ;) It's the MOTI ELAICHI. 
Oh my gosh and i love the flavor of this so much. 
So twining is the brand if you want to try out- this flavor of chai at home. 
And in english it is called BLACK CARDAMOM. 
It smells amazing. :D and it is basically used in cooking vegetables because the smell lasts so long. 
check out this link for more info about THE SMELL and TASTE of this spice : 

So this is a most popular spice added in Indian masala chai and it adds a special taste in your cup. Trust me. It's so aromatic, flavorful and refreshing. 

So how do i make this at home? 
I take my pan, add water and add one pack of  tea bag into it by tearing the bag. Although it's a tea bag but this way it brings out more color. And i let it boil for 2-3 mins. 
Then i add sugar - 1 tsp to be precise :D
And i add milk and boil it for another minute and it's done! The smell reaches all the way to my bedroom when I'm making this and it's very refreshing and tasty. 
So this is it. I hope you guys will try out this tea for sure and let me know what you think. 
We all know tea is a natural source of anti- oxidants. So go ahead and buy your  pack and serve yourself with this refine , exotic and aromatic tea. :D
I hope you enjoyed reading the reviews. 
let me know if you have any questions or feedback.
comment below.
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See you next time.
take care and Good luck :)
bbyee ^_^


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