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Saturday, 7 July 2012


Hey guys! :) 
What's Up? 
Here are the reviews of the best Kajal ever used by me! It's 
--> Colossal Kajal <-- by MAYBELLINE New York. :D
( sorry the tube is a li'l messy, I should have cleaned that up while clicking) Hope you don't mind! :P

and let's go ahead and get into the reviews!
So this is my fave Kajal as it's Bold, Dark and BLACK! This product is amazing.
Price in India is 150 INR
Net content - 0.35 g.
It will definitely last you a long time! The pigmentation is very nice and does not smudge at all. It has got a very intense color and is best for daily use. You apply once and that's all. No need to do touch ups or something throughout the day. It lasts for long hours!
The tip of the kohl is very nice and it delivers the best of Black Shine ever. 
AND it's monsoon time so I use this w/o a doubt cuz it's not going to smudge or mess up my eyes! :) 
Ladies! Try this product if you haven't done that yet! It makes your eyes look Bold and striking! You are going to look gorgeous! ^_^
It has it VIT-E which soothes the eyes!
The color glides smoothly and gives you the best shine and color you want. 
I am going to re- purchase this for sure when i finish with this one!
Twist a little to get the tip and apply!
And few outlets are also giving you discounts on this.
The MRP is 150/- But i got this for 143/- in discount.
So watch out for that. 
and that's all about MY FAVE '' COLOSSAL KAJAL '' :o)
i hope you guys like reading the reviews!
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That's it for today. 
I will see you soon..... bbyee... xoxo



  2. I like this too...though I find it a bit hard for a kajal, but at its price, its fab!
    following you!

  3. This is my fave kajal EVER :)

  4. colossal kajal has become a legend.. i absolutely love this ..:)

  5. @puja : Thank you! :)
    @Ritu : Thanks for feedback :)
    @ Beautilicious blogger: Mine too! yayiee :D
    Niesha : Yes, absolutely! :D Thanks for joining in Niesha. That's such a pretty name btw! ^_^
    Thank you guys for liking the post..
    stay updated!!