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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Lavender Obsession Continues.. English Lavender Facial Cleanser from YARDLEY London! Reviews~

Hey there! :) What's up?? 
So here's another Review of my Current Facial Cleanser which i absolutely love!
And it's from one of my favorite Brand - {Yardley}

So let's see what does it offer ;)
first of all the price of the product is 120 INR and quantity you get is 100 ML. 
This is a cleanser! A cleanser is an essential product to get that cleaned, fresh face every morning! And i decided to buy this one because my lavender obsession forced me to do so. Lol anyways,
But the product is worth buying specially because it cleanses your face really well and makes it damn soft. And the reason is --> it has ''avocado oil'' which makes skin soft and supple.
This cleanser can be used by people having normal to dry skin. 
It is a soap free cleansing preparation. 
And it's gentle on your skin! ^_^ I love to use this everyday, specially because of it's fragrance.... oh la Lavender! :D
And my face feels nice and fresh after using this product. 

Let's see what's written at the back : 
It says-  This rich nourishing face wash cleanses tenderly and removes make up and impurities. 
The nutrient- packed avocado oil supplements the skin's natural moisture and softness. Leaving it Clean, Hydrated and delicately fragrant. 
( Oh and yeah! The smell is not too over powering. It's perfect ) 

directions to use: Moisten face and squeeze a small quantity of face wash onto palm. Massage gently over face and neck. Wash off and pat dry!
And you are done! :)
I love this product. This is my current facial cleanser and  i am totally satisfied with it. 
So if you also like lavender smell like me or you are looking for a perfect facial cleanser this summer. Go for it! 
and here's my rating : (4.5/5 - ''Very good'') 
So that's it for today :D
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Till then take care, have a great day and i will see you soon with more products! ^_^
Bbyee..... :)