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Thursday, 5 July 2012

MAYBELLINE - *MAKE UP REMOVER* eye & lip Review!

Hey guys! whats up? :)

Here's a quick review on my Make- Up removing solution! I use this to get rid of my make up easily. It works great and is the most essential thing in my vanity. 
So let's get started B-)
For a HEALTHY looking skin, it is very important to remove the MAKE-UP everyday from your face. You should sleep with a fresh and clean face if you want your skin ''healthy and glowing''. 
While applying make- up may take you a lot of time, Removing it is no longer a messy and time consuming issue.  
You can remove your make up easily with this solution in seconds and wash your face to get fresh and glowing skin. 

And that's why i choose --- MAYBELLINE!
snapshots : 

It's the most trusted brand out there in the market today! And this make up removing solution is awesome! It takes few seconds to wipe off the make up, dirt and pollution from my skin. 
And it's dermatologically tested as well ^_^
So you can use it without a doubt on your skin.

This is formulated for sensitive eyes. It's very gentle for delicate skin around eyes. 
Btw this is the best thing about this. When i use to remove my kohl from eyes w/o any makeup removing solution, it use to be the toughest thing. But this solution is so gentle for removing eye makeup. Even if a little bit gets into your eyes or something, it doesn't hurt or cause a burning sensation. I use this product so confidently to remove my eye make up. I actually use this product to remove my foundation as well. :P
So it's the best thing to me.
It is efficient and easy to use and removes all your make up, even water proof and non transfer. 

Directions to use : shake well before use. SOAK a cotton pad with the lotion and apply on your eyes or lips or even face :P (I do that )
and follow facial cleansing after that. 

OOPS! Forgot to mention the price and quantity.
Here we go : 
price is - 190 INR
Quantity - 70 ML

and do wash your face nicely after using this with any cleanser or facewash. 
And you are done! :) :)
So  i hope all my ladies will like this review. 
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till then, ciaaaa... bbyyee.. take care.. !! :D

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