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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Oh so-yummy Shampoo! HERBAL ESSENCES - ''Hello Hydration'' & Conditioner Reviews!

Hey everyone! :) 
Hope you're doing fine... and today I'm going to share with you all, this amazing delicious shampoo that i recently bought. It smells so good! :D

Well, this is Hello Hydration by Herbal Essences. The previous one i used was my lavender favorite - Break's over by Herbal Essences and this time i picked up my favorite coconut flavored shampoo! You are going to love this! 

So, this shampoo is amazing.  If you love coconut like me you are going to get addicted to this one.
This is a moisturizing shampoo with a fusion of ''HAWAIIAN COCONUT'' & ''ORCHID''
My hair is darn dry these days and this is the ''perfect shampoo'' i picked!
So, most of you have already tried this one out cuz it's so famous but for those of you who don't know, this one is for you. ;)
After using this, my hair felt soft and moisturized. Indeed, it worked wonders. And trust me I've never had any shampoo that smells so good. I could smell the coconut and the orchid very well. The conditioner is also amazing since most of the orchid smell comes from the conditioner. I am extremely pleased with this one and i would love to buy a new bottle after using this. I really love the shampoo and the conditioner. It's truly a sip of satisfaction! :D

So go ahead and get your bottle of herbal essences - Hello hydration shampoo and conditioner this summer for perfect smelling and cleaned hair. Now let's talk about the price. 
Price of the shampoo  - 179 INR
Quantity - 12 FL OZ ( 355 ML)
and the price of the conditioner - 179 INR INR
Quantity - 12 OZ ( 340 g) 
My rating for the product - [5/5 ]
What i most love about this - 
moisturizes my hair well. 
Smells delicious &
suits on my hair
Coconut is my favorite smell and with a fusion of orchid it smells heaven. 
So that's all i have to say about this shampoo. 
Let me know what do ya think about this. Comment Below! 
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And that's all for today. Will see you soon with more reviews. Until then have a great day and take care! 
Bbyee... ^_^


  1. I have this shampoo!!! but doesn't work on my hair but yeah they smell delicious. I have Drama Clean from them, which also smells heavenly of kiwis

  2. Nice review!!!
    I hate the smell but it does wonders to my hair :)

  3. @Ray: Thank you for your feedback. Even i love the smell and I'm looking forward to try Drama clean as well :)

  4. @Sudhaa: Thanks for liking it :) and yess! it does wonders on my hair too :D