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Friday, 20 July 2012

*WARNING* Take it or Leave it! ''INKFRUIT.COM'' Worst Shopping Experience!

Hey everyone :)
Do you remember my flipkart reviews? It was such a good experience.
But this website -- > ''BEWARE OF IT''
So me and my sister placed an order, ( i regret now ) :[ on 17th july, and received it today, ie -20th.
Although the shipment was fast. But the products were disgusting. 
So we ordered for 2 jute bags. 
I ordered - jute bag blue white - 399 INR
and she ordered - jute bag white - 299 INR

okay, The bags were attractive to us on the website. The material is - JUTE!
and we know how jute is because we have carried jute bags earlier as well. 
But these were disgusting!
I really like the designs of both the bags but it was not what i expected. 
You get these bags at lajpat nagar, new delhi or any such market for 150 INR.
we totally wasted our money. I thought i was going to carry this bag at college, but the quality is so cheap, i can never think about it again. 
I mean i was expecting some good quality. We got influenced with the designs.
Now, the worst part about this website. If you call them and ask them for refund, they say, FIRST you need to courier this to us through idk what all names of couriers they were taking!, and then we will send you the cheque or we'll transfer the money in your account, within 15 days. 
Now whose going to take such a headache and wait for 15 days and pay for courier as well. I decided to keep the bags anyway. 
But i also decided that i will never ever buy anything from this website. The bags were of really cheap quality and not at all durable. 
QUOTE this into your life - ''NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY IT'S COVER''.
This statement is absolutely true!
Now to all my readers, This was my experience with 
If you still want to take the risk, I will again stop you! lol
If i like a website i really be their valuable customer and a committed buyer but this website was such a bad experience. agrhh!
Now i have to be extra cautious if i buy online. 
This is it.... :) i hope i was useful to you someway! 
Please let me know what you think about this. leave in your comments. IF YOU HAVE ANY OTHER WEBSITES IN MIND that sells cheap quality gross products  please let us know. 
And whenever you shop - always go for Cash on delivery! this is just a general tip.
although this time C.O.D din't saved me but at least they din't took money before! If i would have been a li'l more intelligent i would have cancelled it right away after doubting it so many times. 
You know what, when you doubt something a lot, it's better to never go for that thing. - this is my belief. 
anyways, I've learnt a lesson and i hope my readers won't do the same mistake i did. 
*wish you good luck*
take care, have a nice day :) and don't forget me to SUBSCRIBE ME via Email or FOLLOW ME on Blogger! 
ciaooo! ^_^


  1. hey nice review thnx for the warning, i was planning to buy something for my brother on i won't :)

  2. Your welcome!
    yeah, good decision! Don't waste your money. :)

  3. inkfruit is d worst store online i had ever seen
    !!! i hav bot a slippr fr 799 !!!! but the size was smaller !!! i gave them a complaint!! they said me to courier it back !! i did that tooo !! i mailed them all the bank details for refund but no response !!!!! worst to the core !!!!! hate inkfruit