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Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Hey everyone! :) 
what's up? 
After trying so many facewashes of various brands, now it was time for L'Oreal (dermo expertise) HYDRA FRESH creamy Foam!
and my take on this product is - AVERAGE! In other words, It is Okay but not very pleasing to my skin. IDk.. 
So, first i was very excited to try this product cuz I heard a lot of mixed reviews about it from so many people. And here's what i think about this! =>

First of all this is a creamy foam facewash and i like creamy foams but it din't lather rich the way i wanted, and if you've got what I'm trying to say.O_o
So, had to squeeze it twice for facial cleansing. It din't leave my skin clean on the first go. 
and my skin got a li'l oily too after sometime. Weird :/ I never expected that.. :[
Now the good points about this one - The fragrance is nice and pleasing. It stays on your skin for sometime. And it makes your skin soft and supple after use. 
I can't use this in mornings because I want a fresh and clean face with No oil and this does not work, if you want a complete cleaned face. My Yardley Lavender cleanser does a great job everyday, leaving my skin soft and supple. So even though, I got this.. I'm using my cleanser every morning to wash my face. And I'm using this one either in the afternoon or before going to bed. 
I won't recommend this product to everyone because if you have a normal-dry skin, maybe you are not going to like this. But if you really wanna try this, then go ahead and experience it yourself. 
Now at the back of this product,  the description is not mentioned in English so i don't know what does this facewash promises. I'm just telling you my experience with this. 
There is also this gel type facewash in this range and it comes in light green color i guess. May be you can check on that too and let me know if it worked on your skin. 
Now coming to the price of this product is  - 250 INR and the quantity is 100 ml. 
I'm not satisfied with the price to be very honest. It's a little costly. 
And now my ratings : 2.5/5
I'm a bit disappointed with this product because either my expectations were high or this was just not meant for my skin. 
So yeah, that's it guys :)
I hope i shared all essential information regarding this. Now you gotta decide for yourself if you want to give this a try. 
I hope you enjoyed reading the review. ( Though i wasn't enjoying writing my experience with this )  :/ 
and yeah, that's it.
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And i will see you next time with another review. Till then, take care and have a great day,
Bye ^_^

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