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Saturday, 11 August 2012


Hey everyone! :)
what's up ?

Today  I'm going to share the reviews of this blush that I'm using since a long time. It's Maybelline dream mousse blush! :D #20 (IN PEACH SATIN).
and this is such a gorgeous color. It just brightens up your smile :D


And honestly this was my first blush. I wasn't into blushes and stuff earlier during my school time. but now since I'm in college, I've been so much into makeup and dressing. A little makeup everyday helps enhancing your beauty. 
That's really true. :)
Okay, So this my first blush and it's not very expensive. It's just for 205 Inr.
and the quantity you get is .20 OZ or 5.75 g. 
And you can find this anywhere. Most of the drugstores will have it. 
NOTE : this is basically a cream blush. Almost like a mousse. If you don't like cream blushes, I'm not sure you will like this either. But it's well pigmented and sticks to your skin for long.
The color is really pretty. It's Peach Satin and gives an outstanding finish on the apples of your cheek. It is not very shimmery but it does have a little sparkle in it.
SO, if you have a medium fair skin like me. This one is going to look gorgeous on you. 
Just a little of this is enough to give that peach color to your cheeks. There are more shades in dream mousse blushes. You can check them out too. 
I am totally in love with this inexpensive, awesome blush. 
It's perfect for everyday wear. 
And this comes in a pot which is really nice. You can carry this anywhere. But i don't think you will probably use it twice for touch ups. It's going to last all day. 
So yeah! that's it. I guess i shared all about it. If you have something to say, go ahead and comment below. I hope you guys like the review and don't forget to subscribe to my posts via email or click here & LIKE : for all latest reviews & updates. 
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So i will see you soon with more stuff. Till then, take care and have a great day. 
bbyee ^_^


  1. i have this blush n how i hate it!! its a shimmer fest n it enhances your pores if you have oily skin....agreed that its budget friendly but i prefer nyx cream blushes to these anyday...

  2. @piu : Yes, definitely go ahead! :)
    soph : AW, really ? may be it's cuz u have oily skin. I have normal one so it sticks well on mine.and yeah nyx is fabulous too! :)
    thank you for your comments! stay updated ^_^