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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Happy Hippy Shower Gel from Lush! Review :)

Hey everyone! :)
How are you doing? 
This is another exciting review & this time it's Lush <3 
I'm sure everyone of you love lush products and I'm a Bigggggg!!! fan of Lush now! :D
It's just so exotic and amazing!. I got my hands on happy hippy shower gel & I <3 it ^_^
So let's see what is it about! :D


'Happy Hippy shower gel!' The name itself makes you so happy right? :P I actually love the name itself. And when i went to lush store for the first time, i saw amazing number of soaps & gels and I was like... omg! I'm going to try all of these one by one. And I first picked up - Happy Hippy shower gel, because it was not very expensive and I loved the ingredients of the shower gel.
Lush products are all fresh handmade cosmetics. This contains : Fresh pink grapefruit juice & that smells so wonderful, let me tell you! You are going to be a fan of lush if you try this.  You can use it for both body and hair. So squeeze yourself a fresh grapefruit breakfast from this bottle. Get up & get started, Get zest for success. It is a mellow yellow colored shower gel with amazing fragrance. 
If you haven't tried lush products or you have never been to a lush store, you are seriously missing  out on these wonderful products for your skin. 
So next time when you go shopping! Do get inside a lush store and see what stuff attracts you and your needs :)
The price of this shower gel in India is : 360 INR & quantity you get is : 100g. 
I will rate this product : 5/5 cuz, it's that amazing. It just refreshes me up completely every morning. And it lathers rich, You just have to squeeze a pea size & you're done for most of your body parts lol :P 
and the smell is so refreshing, Seriously!--> the pink grapefruit <-- smells heaven. It will last you for some hours, so do get lost in & enjoy that fragrance for sometime ;)
It's perfect for men & women of all ages. So everyone of you must try it. 
And yeah, that's it. I'm done writing all that i could about this shower gel, now it's your turn to go and try this out and experience it yourself. And I'm sure everyone's going to love this happy hippy shower gel. So stay tuned for more reviews and exciting things. If you haven't subscribe to my blog, please do. Put your email ids on the top of this page & also, follow me on facebook for all the latest previews & entertainment. if you like my page please promote it and send the link to your friends & family. :) I'll see you very soon with another amazing product. Till then, have a great time with this shower gel & take care of yourself. 
Bye ^_^