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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

*Go Mangoes Soap* By Soulflower (Review) ^_^

This post is absolutely delicious and exciting for those of you who are interested in sweet smelling products, that last long. And this is a review on Soulflower's Go Mangoes Soap! It's so exciting! :D
snapshots :

If you love sweet, delicious smelling mangoes, OMG you gotta try this because even now, while I'm typing, my hand smells as if I've just eaten a mango :P haha! ^_^
Okay, This is going to be one of your favorite items,if you like mangoes. 
But don't waste an inch of it. Trust me. It's a sin. :p
So I love Soulflower's soaps as i mentioned in my previous to previous post where i reviewed Rosemary soap. if you haven't checked out that. Click here :
it's absolutely amazing and refreshing. 
Now coming back to this soap. You will notice that, half of it's side is yellow and other half is green. And it smells like raw mangoes but it's a sweet one! :o)
This smells like fresh mangoes totally! and see it's ingredients, They are going to pull your attention. 
It contains - fresh mangoes, mango leaves, mango butter, vit- e , glycerin, aqua etc etc!
I fell in love with this soap at one glance. It was that tempting. 
Benefits of mangoes for skin :
1. Helps to combat dry skin, eezema and dermatitis. 
2.Protects the skin from weather and UV radiation. 
3. Effective at reducing fine lines and wrinkles. 
4.Benefit frost bite, sunburn, insect bites, rashes and strech marks. 
5.Contains anti-oxidants , anti inflammatory and anti-ageing properties.
6.Mango is good at getting rid of blemishes and scars. Since mango is especially rich in vitamin C and E. Mango pulp is useful in treating pimples and acne. 
7. Mango leaves are an-antiseptic , healing wounds and inflammations. 
 <3-<3-<3 -<3 -<3-<3-<3-<3-<3-<3-<3-<3-<3-<3-<3-<3-<3-<3-<3-<3-<3-<3-<3
You just can't enjoy a mango without getting a little messy! ;) So why not take a slice of delicious heaven with you into the bath? This soap is made once in a year only with fresh juicy mangoes!
Mango butter luxuriously softens, and protects skin without giving it a greasy feel and absorbs easily into your skin. ^_^
Great for preventing wrinkles and other problems like stretch marks.
Suitable for dry to normal skin. Especially for acne or blemish prone area. 
- Trust me, I am in love with this soap and This is always going to be in my shower. 
Since i love mangoes and it's sweet tempting smell, this is *MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE* one!
So i recommend this product to you. Go, Give it a try and experience luxury in your shower .
The price of this soap in India is : 250 INR and quantity you get is - 150gm. 
It's going to last you long! :D 
And yeah, that's it. I hope i shared all essential information about this with you. If you have any questions regarding this. Comment Below! And finally, my ratings for the product : [5/5]
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i hope you guys enjoyed the review. And for all men out there. You should grab this one too! Cuz it's going to be everyone's favorite soap! :D
I will see you soon with more exciting stuff, Till then - Get a Mango boost and smell delicious with GO MANGOES!! ^_^
Thank you for reading! bye... :)


  1. Great review....will totally try this out... :)
    Im a new follower of ur blog and a new blogger..

    Wud love it if u dropped by sometime...

  2. Hey :)
    Thank you for your feedback and good to see you in my list :)
    sure will check you out ^_^