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Sunday, 16 September 2012

The inner voice~ You must listen to it.

Hey eveyone! :)
How are you doing? 
Today, I want to speak to you, not about beauty products and stuff, but something more beautiful and exciting. 
Okay, first of all. Do you believe in god? Or a power that manages you throughout the day? Think about it, everything is working so perfectly around us? Have you ever wondered why is it so? 
Because, we are being operated by the universal powers, which we fail to realize today, because we  just don't care about it . We are like, what the heck is that ? But trust me, it is there. 
This powerful universal law is so amazing, that it gives you whatever you ask for, love, peace, happiness, disappointments, anger, frustration etc etc.. 
It's upto you completely, which road you choose. 
'You are meant to live a happy life'. You came here on earth not to face sadness, but to experience joy. And my dear, beautiful readers! You have all the 'joy' within you. It's inside your soul. You feel that joy when you are happy and you don't feel that joy when you are sad. Now, what i want you to experience or take a min or two to realize is, that there is a voice within each of us. You can call it the voice of god or yourself, but this voice guides you to the correct path and decisions you want to make in life. The point is - Do you listen to it ? Or do you simply do whatever you feel like doing? 
We are the creators of our own world, so it's really important for us to know that this inner voice is the voice of our joyous soul that can never be wrong, that will always, lead to the correct path and make you choose different decisions in life. - all for your betterment!, only if you listen.
Spend some time with yourself, and hear what's that voice talking to you about. What is the inner voice feeling sad about or happy about and you'll soon acknowledge what's the reason or thing that's stopping your well-being from coming. 
Now, the most important thing in this world is not money or power but it's the LOVE for which we live, it's the happiness and peace which makes us feel contented. Because one day, we have to leave all the money and relationships and go from this world. It's the happiness, joy and the good moments, that you will carry with yourself and nothing else. 
This happiness may come from your money or may not, may come from a relationship or may not but it will always remain inside you. You just need to lit the spark inside.
Therefore, i request you to spend some time with yourself every day, at least 10- 15 mins and establish a strong relationship with that inner voice which is your true guide in every way!
and that's it for now. I hope you guys agree to this post. and i wish you all the good luck and best of health and love in this life. :)
take care of yourself and others and i will see you soon, bye ^_^

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