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Monday, 24 September 2012

Vega Eyelash curler! Review :)

Hello gorgeous :)
How are you doing? 
This is an exciting review because, many of us love eyelash curlers and since we always look for a nice product. My vote goes to Vega eyelash curler, because it's not very expensive and works great! :D

I was looking for an inexpensive eyelash curler and i checked various other brands like konad. But i picked up this, simply because it is so easy to use and perfect for curling your eyelashes. 
Many women still don't use an eyelash curler today, but if you start using this, you'll get addicted to it. I always apply mascara after curling my eyelashes. It looks really pretty :)
Vega eyelash curler is the finest eyelash curler featuring extra sturdy construction and a smooth opening and closing action. with half rounded curling pad, this eyelash curler will give an intense curl to leave you with flirtatious lashes ;) Just hold this, place it on your eyelashes gently and press to curl. Do it 3-4 times till you get the finest curls. :) This actually does a great job in curling your eyelashes. 
Curling eyelashes make your eyes look brighter and wider. So grab one and start using. It's very simple and gives great results. There is also another one available which has a different shape and construction called the premium one but i selected this as it is easy to hold and use. This is actually a traditional eyelash curler. 
The price of this eyelash curler is - 80 INR. pretty cheap and durable. 
You also get an extra pad in the pack. Yes, i definitely recommend you using this, if you're a first time user or you use it often. It's perfect for every one! You can carry this anywhere in your bag and use it whenever you want to. Every girl must have this item in their vanity as it is so essential. 
So i hope you have a great experience using this eyelash curler. 
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  1. ive never tried an eyelash curler but reallly want to try one soon... will buy this :)

  2. Hey! :)
    Thank you for your feedback. Go ahead and try this.
    it's awesome! <3 ^_^