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Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Hey everyone! :)
Hope you're doing fine!
All right, i have something to share with you. Just read the heading of this post once again.
What comes to your mind? 

JUST SIGN OUT OF LIFE means - Whenever you go to sleep, You try to sign out of life. Just close your eyes, Take small deep breaths and slowly try to dissolve your thoughts. Try to fade them away like clouds...... 
It's important because as you sleep, Your mind should be clear and filled with positive thoughts, hopes and desires and nothing else. 
You gotta understand that it's very important to clear your mind before you sleep, because the next day is very important and your thoughts and feelings will decide what's coming your way. 
Every night before sleeping, you should spend some time with yourself. In silence, as you go through how your day passed, will help you to organize the next day.
You can preview in your mind, how your day passed and then try to fade away the thoughts ( or sign out of life ) after accepting that - This is how i spent my day and these are the changes i want to make in my life. 
Trust me, you will feel so easy and comfortable while sleeping. This is what i want you to try. 
Just sign out of life, leave your office away, leave your friends away, leave your parents, your car, your room away and just feel yourself . Just feel you are the only person in this whole world. 
You have the ability to change your next day.  And as you spend this meaningful time with yourself, You will automatically feel your power. You will feel your energy.
You will get ideas, Inspiration and as you close your eyes, The next day will be a fresh morning, a fresh brand new beginning for you. 
:) Try it you'll like it!
I hope you like this post and hope you'll make an effort to do this activity before sleeping.
And see how light you feel while sleeping and the next morning as you wake up.
wish you a great day ahead. 
I will see you soon, bye :)
with love. ^_^


  1. Awwww... beautiful article... will try it out.. :)

  2. Thank you Raksha :)
    I'm glad you liked it.
    keep visiting ^_^