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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Original Source Vanilla Milk and Raspberry Shower Gel Review! :)

Hey everyone! :)
How are you doing? 
This weekend make sure you give yourself - ''The Special Treatment.'' 
I mean, Just go to a salon to get that haircut done, Give yourself a nice head massage or simply do a pedicure. 
I did a foot spa @ home, yesterday! :D
And it was so- so relaxing. 
If you wanna know how i did a relaxing foot spa @ home without wasting money at the parlor. 
Also, I did two looks for halloween. Btw I'm a beginner in Make Up totally, But I tried my best :P hehe! So, you might want to check that out too! The link is the same. :)
Okay! Please Like my page if you love reading my posts and i'll be thankful to you :D
Now let's come to this Oh- so- Awesome Product. - 


I'll begin by saying one thing : Don't drink this up! :P Because, if your fond of  vanilla & raspberry shake like me, you might get crazy thoughts of tasting this. I'm just kidding lol
But this shower gel is so natural, so amazing, Just like the name describes to you. 
I've always loved this company because, they make the best of shower gels at less price. 
So, the packing says, ' 82 british sunrises helped make one moisturizing bottle of this. 
I feel like believing the statement simply because, this smells so wonderful. I mean , i always feel as if I've just blended some fresh fruit and vanilla and I'm using it in my bath. 
Doesn't that sound interesting? :P And yeah, you just need a li'l pea size to lather rich. Now i like that in a lot of shower products. 
You should definitely, DEFINITELY, GET this bottle and try. 
You remember, i reviewed the lavender & tea tree of the same brand. That was also amazing. 
and i like the cute description on the back of this bottle it says : We've waited 82 british sunrises for these raspberries to ripen before we squeezed them with vanilla Milk into this recyclable bottle.The moisturizing shower will leave your skin soft and smelling sweet. 
I mean , i totally agree with this, making my skin baby soft & supple. 
and my whole bathroom smells so sweet, the raspberry & vanilla  flavor. And the smell lasts for sometime so i try my best to enjoy the fragrance till it lasts :P hehe
I would recommend all the men and women to try this. The price is also not very high. It's 195 INR
and the quantity you get is 250 ML. it's gonna last you long, don't worry. 
This pink bottle is 100 Vegan and is packed with natural fragrance. :)
If you wanna know my rating for this product out of 5. I would give 5/5 
Seriously, because it's worth your money. :D
so, yeah! That's all. I hope you definitely try this product because, I'm sure - You would  REpurchase this. And think about it, your smelling fresh and the scent is so amazing, it's definitely a turn on for people around you! :)
i hope i shared all information about this product with you, if there's still something in your mind.
You can go ahead and comment below. Your feedback is valuable to me :)
''Happy Sunday''
and i will see you soon, bye ^_^

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