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Saturday, 3 November 2012

John Frieda Frizz-Ease Rehydrate Intense Conditioner Review :)

Hey everyone! :)
What's up? 
& Here's the review of John Frieda's Rehydrate Intense conditioner which i picked up for my hair. There were two conditioners. One was the Frizz Ease smooth start hydrating conditioner and one was this -Intense Rehydrate conditioner.  The difference between these two is the word 
'' Intense '' 
Which means if you've got strictly damaged hair due to heating or color, Then you gotta pick the intense one out of the two for intense conditioning. 
But hey! I don't have a lot of damaged hair, to be honest. But still i chose this because i wanted to give intense conditioning to  my hair. :)
Now let's get on to the review! 

This conditioner is one of the best conditioner, I've ever used. It totally works out you know. 
My hair feels soft, smooth, silky and gorgeous after using this. You have to decide which conditioner you choose out of the two depending on your damage meter. :) But John Frieda shampoos and conditioner really works wonders on hair. And specially the smell that lasts for so long. I can smell the fragrance for 2-3 days. And that is so amazing :P
see what's written at the back of the bottle : deep treatment with avocado oil visibly repairs and fortifies dry damaged, frizzy hair to help protect against breakage. Moisturizes silkens and shines. Safe for color treated hair . 
And everything is true about this conditioner.  :) I'm glad to purchase this and will again recommend to you guys too! 
This conditioner is light in weight and has avocado oil which repairs damaged hair making it soft and smooth. In one go just squeeze a fair amount of this and rub it onto your palms and apply it to the ends and strands of your hair. Concentrate more on the ends. Just leave it for 3-5 mins and you're done! See yourself the amazing results. :D
You will fall in love with your hair again trust me. So give your hair ''The Extra Care'' and get rid of frizzyness forever. 
The price of this bottle is 450 INR but the quantity is average :( It's 6 OZ , 170 G)
Now this should be a little more filled up. v_v But ...... I had to buy it anyway. 
So yeah! :) That's all. I would suggest this product to all the men & women who are looking for a nice shampoo and conditioner for damaged hair. If you can purchase this. Give it a go. :)
You will see amazing results with  frequent use. I hope you like the review. Comment below if you have anything to ask and i will get back to you. Subscribe to my posts via email and get all instant updates on my facebook page. ;)
Till then, have a great day and i will see you soon again!
bye ^_^