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Friday, 7 December 2012

Jasmine Body wash from Iraya - Review :)

Hey everyone! :)
hope you guys are doing fine. 
And wooohoooooooo ^_^ My exams are over finally! :P
And i din't sleep the whole night yesterday cause i was busy making my shopping list for December! :P
okay, anyways... I've got a lot of products to review now from face washes to lip glosses etc etc. ;)
So i want you to stick to my blog as usual and have a look at all those amazing products. ^_^

Today, i'll be reviewing  one of my favorite body wash from IRAYA. i dunno how many people are known to this brand but anyways, if you find this online somewhere then go and give it a try. 

Basically, this is a bright yellow colored, jasmine fragrant body wash and i love the smell because it's fantastic, i mean it's almost like i'm actually holding fresh jasmine in my hands. You know that sweet exotic smell that comes right? exactly! :)
I don't want this to finish seriously and that is the reason i use it very carefully and not waste a single pea size of this body wash. Guys, you gotta check this stuff seriously. it just refreshes you up and that fine lingering smell lasts for sometime on you aaaah..... I just love smelling that way, haha! :P
Okay, lemme give you few details now about this product. 
here you go :
On the back it says ..... ( and i absolutely agree with it ) 
an intoxicating blend of fragrant jasmine, turmeric, brahmi, mimosa & other exotic ingredients which leave a lingering, sensual aroma on the skin. The tender body wash wonderfully cleanses and moisturizes the skin leaving a comfortable, nourished feeling! - And absolutely without a doubt that is true! isn't that amazing :D

This body wash comes in a nice packaging too! You can easy press & grab your wash. One thing is for sure, your bathroom's gonna linger for a long time with the exotic jasmine fragrance ( obviously you too :P )  and i mean it! :)
But here's something you should note : This doesn't lather rich with a little pea size quantity, you gotta get the stuff in your hands twice or thrice to lather rich. Now this is something i don't like because as you know i like less quantity and more lather. but anyways, the smell is just so intoxicating that i can bear that little flip side :)
I feel like i'm having an aroma bath seriously and it just makes my senses relax and calm totally.
Price of this bottle is : 295 INR & quantity you get is 250ml or 8.45 fl.oz
So yeah, that's all about this product. Rest you have to pick a bottle and experience it yourself. 
I hope you like the review and comment below to let me know what you think about it. any feedback,questions regarding this, just comment down! & i will see you very soon with another exciting product. Do subscribe me for instant updates.
Wish you a great day ahead.
Bye! :)


  1. I tried der sweet lime shower gel n totally agree wid ur review esp d lathering part :)

  2. Hey! :) Thank you for your response.
    Yes absolutely, but its kinda okay with me lol :P