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Monday, 17 December 2012

Keep Yourself Happy Anyway....

Hey! :)
I really wanted to share this thing with you. It's really important for you to know this. 
I really hope it will provide you some sort of relief wherever you are. 
This life serves us contrast. We see quiet number of things in our life which we never expect. But things does happen right? And our first reaction as human is to get sad, worry about and feel restless all the time. And do you know that these kind of reactions are making your situation worst? 
When something happens, we so much tend to make a big deal out of nothing in our lives. 
I know, You would say - This person died, my lover left, my relationships are in turmoil etc etc and what do you expect me to do except freaking out. 
And i will say - This is Life. We all are living and experiencing deaths, breakups, debts, ill health.
But that doesn't mean we should forget the good side of life as well. It's really hard to accept these things at first but when you accept that your attention to all these things in stopping the stream of well being in your life- You will get back to who you really are. You will not make a fuss about things. We have to accept the changes in our lives and move ahead. 

Many people, including me worry so much about one thing or the other. But this isn't the way problems will get solved. Know that, for every problem there is a solution. For every misunderstanding there is understanding. And we can reach for the solutions and better circumstances when we KEEP OURSELVES HAPPY ANYWAY. 

And how do you keep your self happy anyway ? By first accepting that your life is always expanding and that new things are coming your way. And by focusing on the good aspects of your life. Like I'm so grateful for my job, I love my family, I am so grateful for my friends .... You realize the good side of life. And trust me, All your worries will end, Your time will change fast. 
Only if you keep Yourself happy anyway :)
I hope you enjoyed reading this post and will always keep this piece of advice in mind from this  friend. And i wish everyone of you all the good luck in life. 
Have a great day ahead. 
Getting back to work now
Bye ^_^