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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Dant Kanti Dental Cream From Patanjali

Hey everyone! :)
I'm back with another item from my herbal haul.
So, today i'll be reviewing Dant Kanti Dental Cream from Patanjali. 


Well, I'm sorry to say - I didn't like the product at all because of the bad taste. It is so unbearable in mouth. It may be herbal with the best ingredients in town, But I can't use this anymore!
Also, it promises to make your teeth white - Which is not true!
The paste is brown in color and after using this your mouth smells so bad. Gosh, I can't even explain how disappointed i was after trying this. I'm back to my Colgate Salt :P 

If you're okay with herbal dental creams with yucky taste then you can go ahead and try this. But if you're someone like me who cannot bear bad smell or taste then stick to your Colgate please :P

The price of this dental cream is : 35 INR
and quantity you get is : 100g
So that's it for now. I am short of words for this product. lol
anyway, see you tomorrow with another product.
till then, take care 
bye :)


  1. Im using this toothpaste since 2 years agree taste is vry strong tingling so i hv started using in small quantity taking 2-3 times while brushing in this way u feel less strong, i hv seen my teeth whitening aftr regular use n some probls of tooth decay it has wrked wonders on it. N im proud to say that this is my HG tooth paste now

  2. Hey!
    Thanks for your comment.
    Nice to know that you like it :)