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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Divya Kanti Lep From Patanjali -

Hey everyone! :)
Welcome to my blog & here's another product that i want review BUT- First i want to tell you that I'm going to return back this product because I no longer require this.
This bottle is actually unused because I didn't need the feel to use it. 

So, if you remember i told you that i went to this Patanjali Centre with my friend few weeks ago.
The first thing she bought was this LEP. Now, to be honest ==> I haven't used the product on me but I am going to review about what the product claims and what my friend told me after using this.


So this claims to treat acne problems and it has got all these natural ingredients like Jayfal, chandan, mehendi etc etc... ! The way you use this lep is by mixing it with Gulab jal into a fine paste and put it over like a face pack and keep it for few hours! The specialist told me to keep it for like 4 hours. I find that a little insane and i don't have that much patience also. So I didn't use it only! lol

This is a brownish powder , completely herbal and claims to make your skin much better. 
So what my friend told me after using this : 
She said : Her skin felt smooth & cool & minty. But she said she won't be using it again. I don't know why she said that. Oh well yeah.! Maybe she was sick and tired of this 4 hour face pack, and also, her skin color was a bit different after using this, like she was looking pale :P haha
I'm sure this product scared her and so she won't be using this next time ;) Though she had no side effects! 
But anyways... if you are suffering from serious acne & have tried all sorts of facepacks & nothing is working, You can try this Lep then. But since I've never tried any face pack in my life. So i won't be trying this as well.  ATLEAST FOR NOW!
I'm using medimix for my face and it has cleared my skin. So no need of Kanti Lep. 
Price of this is : 60 INR
& quantity you get is 50g.
See you next time with another product.
bye! :)

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