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Friday, 5 April 2013

Patanjali Ojas Multani mitti body cleanser review -

Hey everyone! :)
This week i decided to do a haul/ review for you. 
And this is a herbal products haul from Patanjali Ayurved ltd. 
Not so long ago, i went to this Patanjali centre with my friend. She had used some of the products before, so she asked me to go and take a look at the products. 
I had heard a lot about Baba Ramdev's Patanjali services but i never thought of trying some products myself. 
So, the products were very very cheap in price and all of the stuff is herbal/ ayurvedic medicine.
So, I thought may be i should try the products and they also had a specialist there who advises you for FREE. He prescribed some products to me for my skin. Like it was a free consultation so i was like not bad. Anyway!
I purchased these items : 
Dant kanti toothpaste!
kesh kanti milk protein hair cleanser
ojas multani mitti soap
extra sensitive toothbrush &
Divya kanti lep + Gulab jal

and I'll be reviewing all of these one by one for your ease! 
I really want to finish with this herbal haul quickly because i have so many other pending items to review. And i'm dying to review Victoria Secret Body lotions which are my favorite. :P

so, let's get started: 
The first item that i'm going to review is : Multani Mitti Soap. 

Well, to be honest, i din't like it. I don't know, I felt my skin to be super dry after use.  it was already dry and then super dry, it was like not appealing to my skin at all. 
I think this cleanser is mostly for oily skin people, because it didn't suit my skin. I'll ask my sister if she wants to try this because she has an oily skin, so maybe it works for her.
And the pathetic part is : the smell. agrhhh! omg. I could not stand the smell, it was so gross that even if the benefits were sounding good, i gave up! 
So this soap was not meant for me. But if you wanna try this, go ahead and see if it suits your skin type. Yes, you can try this if you have intense acne or blackheads, i guess a try would cost you nothing. Price is : 35 INR & quantity : 75g
So, that's it for now. I would advice you to read about multani mitti benefits on google before you go and purchase this so that you know if this is meant to do some magic on your skin.
Tomorrow i'll be back with another item of this haul. So stay tuned and stay updated!
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Good night,
sweet dreams!
bye :)

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