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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Some Useful Apps For Your Blackberry -

Hey everyone! :)
What's up there? 
Today I'm gonna share my favorite apps for blackberry. Currently, I'm using Blackberry Torch 9810 and here's a list of some useful apps that are installed in my smartphone. 
P.S - These apps are FREE on blackberry application world. Let's get into it - 

1. Poynt -

This app is amazing! My brother suggested me this. He's totally a gadget  freak. lol
So, this app lets you know all the cool places, events and restaurants around you. It is so useful when you're out on streets specially! Poynt also comes with map it option and calender it. I would recommend you to add this app in your blackberry, if you haven't installed it yet. It is not only helpful in providing nearby events and information but also saves a lot of your time. :)
So that was the first app on my phone, Now coming on to the second one - 

2. Period Tracker -

This app is for all ladies who likes to keep a record of their monthly periods. It is easy, efficient and alarms you before your next period arrival. Every girl should keep this app in their phone because, it is very useful in tracking your next dates and keeping a record of your monthly cycle ;) Also, the cutest part of this app is - You've got so many cute smileys to put them as your current emotion and also it provides space for writing notes if  you want! So, this app is also very essential and required. 

3.  Pattern Lock - 

Keep your phone SAFE& SECURE with this app. This is just another maze lock app for accessing your phone. So set a pattern and remember it, You can also add a number code incase you forget the patter. & your phone is locked and safe. This app makes me so carefree and i can keep my phone here and there without any tension. Because, once my mom sees my phone, she starts scanning it lol. I guess this scenario is with most of us heehe :P anyways, Pattern lock is simply the best. :-)

4. Whatsapp -

 Whatsapp is the best messenger after BBM.  Even if I'm a bbm user, I use whatsapp more than anything. All my friends, relatives are on whatsapp. So sharing of files and pictures becomes easy. It works fast and I love whatsapp. The easiest and most convenient messenger of a lifetime. :D

5. Tune in Radio -

You know this is my favorite app. Tune in radio helps me listen all the radio stations worldwide. It buffers so fast and the experience has been so amazing. I love listening to all the radio channels worldwide and it's a great app. You can choose the radio station according to the location or type of music. Simply love this app. 

6 .Dream Sounds - 

Now this app is amazing. Since I'm insomniac these days, I require this every night before i sleep. The sound of wind chimes are my fave for the night. There are so many amazing, HD sounds that helps to calm you and take you into the sleep mode. You should definitely install this app NOW , because even when you're stressed out throughout the day, You can plugin your headphones and listen to these magical relaxing sounds and I promise, You will gain back all your energy. :)

7. Vogue -

This is totally an amazing application for all you fashionistas! It's like a magazine on my phone where i can see all the upcoming fashion trends and style tips. Vogue is my favorite out of all these apps. DOWNLOAD THIS LADIES! it is a must app if you love to know what's happening in the fashion industry. This will give you what our famous red carpet models and actors are upto with their fashion statements. :D love  love love it ^_^

and last but not the least - 

8. Battery Booster - 

Now this app is must if you run out of battery quickly. Install this and save some energy. It boosts up your phone's performance, closes all the apps and save Battery high time. 
My phone lasts all day now after using this application.

So that's it. These were my favorite apps and seriously a smartphone is the best tool you can have, a best friend you can imagine! It makes your life so convenient, useful and fast. I hope you like this post. Let me know what are your favorite apps and if you have any comment or feedback, Drop it down :)
I will see you soon with more exciting stuff, till then take care! bye <3 

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