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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Stuffed Aloo Paratha Recipe!

Hey everyone! :)
Hope you're doing fine and today i'll be sharing another quick recipe for all paratha lovers.
Now, one of my favorite paratha is aloo stuffed paratha with lots of spices. It's mouthwatering and a yummy delight. You can  have it anytime and it's super easy to make. 
So let's see what all you need to make this paratha :)

1. Mashed Boiled potatoes (according to the quantity you want to make)
2. green chillies 2-3 ( also optional )
3. Salt , black pepper , garam masala , (Pomegranate seeds ) or anardaana , red chilly powder, dhaniya powder, chaat masala, carom seeds. 
4. Ghee 
5. whole wheat flour dough ( atta ) 

Now here's what you need to do : 

Take the dough in small quantity and make 2 balls of same size. Now with the roller press them flat into round shape and keep aside the flat bread slices. 

Now, take a bowl - add mashed potatoes.
Now, add : salt according to taste, black pepper 1/2 tsp , garam masala , 1/2 tsp , anardana 1/2 tsp, red chilly powder according to taste, dhaniya powder 1/2 tsp , chaat masala 1/2 tsp , carom seeds just a few to sprinkle on top. And last but not the least , green chillies cut into small pieces. 
Mix well, and keep the mixture aside. 

Assemble the paratha 
Take 1 slice of bread that you just made from whole wheat flour AND with a tablespoon, take ghee and spread it evenly all around. 
Now, take another spoon and put the mixture. Press it gently so that whole paratha is covered and stuffed. 
Now take the second slice and cover it on top. 
Take some sookha atta or dry wheat flour and sprinkle on top. 
Now start rolling it into a round shape paratha just like you make a normal chappati but make sure, the edges are sealed from the corners. 
And now the last step  :

Put on a non stick pan on the burner and add some ghee. 
Now place the paratha gently and let it cook for a minute. 
Then, turn it again and put some ghee to cook. Let the paratha cook for 3-4 mins on low med flame till it gets golden brown and crunchy from the top and bottom. 
And that's it. When the paratha is done - put it in a nice serving plate, cut it into 4 slices or place it like that and serve it hot with either green chutney, curd or pickle. 
You're done! Enjoy this meal and let me know how was it. 
Hope you like the recipe. :) See you next time with more exciting stuff.
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bye :)

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