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Saturday, 18 May 2013

The Olive Soap From Body Shop-

Hey there gorgeous! :)
Hope you're having fun this weekend! :D

So, today I'm going to share an amazing smelling product with you with lots of benefits.
It's called 'The Olive Soap' from Body Shop. This has been my favorite! and I'm totally in love with this soap and specially it's fragrance. <3
snapshots :


Oh my gosh! it's awesome <3 It smells so fresh and it's like if you're smelling fresh olives. It reminds me of beaches, the scent nearby and the freshness. 
I don't know how to explain it, So bring this home and experience the freshness yourself. 
You are going to love this. I'm soon going to order 3 bars of this soap at once, just because I'm afraid they'll go out of stock. And i don't wanna take any chance. Because this is exactly what i love. The fresh fragrance and goodness of olives. 

Olives make your skin so smooth and moisturized. This soap is truly amazing and I've tried the strawberry one as well, but I like this more than any other body shop soap. It is great for sensitive and dry skin as it will make your skin soft and supple. And the smell is just divine. It lathers well and my whole bathroom just lingers in its fresh exotic smell. mmmmmmm! :D yummy...! :P

Olive oil soap will not clog your pores as it is non greasy and people with acne can use it too! It won't give you any side effects. It has got anti inflammatory properties which research shows is good for healing skin rashes or sunburn. Olive oil as you know is used in a lot of beauty products because olive oil is a fantastic agent for softening the skin and repairing it. 
So, go to your nearest body shop outlet and get one soap and see the results yourself. 
You'll feel extra fresh, amazingly scented and it will just revitalize you completely. For summers, this is your pick!
I will recommend this soap to all. 

The price of this soap in India is : 175 INR and the quantity you get is : 100g or (3.5oz)
So give it try and let me know what do you think :D
I will see you soon again with more exciting stuff.
till then take care
and *Happy Weekend*

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