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Saturday, 6 July 2013

Fabindia Lavender & Basil Soap review -

Hey everyone! :)
Hope you're doing fine. I've been so busy lately and seriously had no time for blogging. I missed you guys! :/ 
But I'm back with another review :D And this time it's from Fabindia. So let's go ahead and get straight into the review! ;)


When I was in Mumbai for vacations, I went to RCT mall and there was this big outlet of fabindia. 
And I love organic products! So I went in and checked all of their cool stuff. And soaps are my favorite, So i picked this one and an Indian lotus soap which I'll review soon since I haven't opened that. Lavender and Basil is a nice combination if you wanna relax and calm your senses! Lavender is best known for it's calming properties.  I'm a big Lavender fan!!! :D And this soap is made of lavender and basil oil which really helps in soothing your mind and senses. Basil helps you to get rid of itchy skin specially in summers. The aroma is absolutely divine. So when you come home tired, and you take a bath with this soap, you'll feel much more relaxed and refreshed! 

I would suggest you to pick the small bar first and try. I'm sure you'll love it and repurchase it. 
I absolutely loved the product. 

Light up some candles, put some rose petals into your bath tub and cleanse your body with this divine, relaxing and calming soap. It's all about treating yourself special and when you care about your body & mind, You are actually showering love on yourself. :) 
The price of this bar is - 65 INR & the quantity you get is - 100gms.
Hope you like the review! If you have any questions about the product or any other feedback. Drop it in the comment section. 

I will see you soon with another product. Till then, take care and enjoy your weekend! <3
bye! ^_^

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  1. Nice review...I love this soap...:)

  2. aww! thank you puja :D
    I'm glad you liked the review. ^_^
    take care :)Keep visiting :) :)