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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Congratulate Your Reality!!

Hey Everyone!! :)

Good to see you after so long! I love disappearing for ages and then return back just to share my message with you. As I said before, There is something that brings me back here on this blog!

And offcorse the sole reason is you guys!! The amazing response that I get from my readers pulls me back here to write more & share more.

I feel as if my words are becoming more valuable to my readers and I really appreciate that. Honestly!!! :)

A Big ***Thank Youuuu*** because I've almost reached (A Million Views) and its just not my blog anymore. It was never mine. I was only writing from my heart. Now, It's stunning when people even message me to write for my blog and publish their own articles here! Well, You're more than Welcome!!! :)

This blog was created to spread a message, to share innate wisdom and help others in some way or the other. I always believed that it would definitely turn out to be the best source of information on the internet and I'm glad to see people finding it a successful resource in their daily life. :)

I promise, More is on the Way for you guys!! xx


So I came here at 00:34 AM just to deliver a message. I had to pen this down because finally after weeks of separation from my readers, I couldn't take it anymore! I was busy with a very calm lifestyle during these days as I'm working in Foodpanda with brilliant people who support me in every way!
I'm really grateful for that opportunity in my life.

Now, There are few projects on which I'm planning to work on these days. One is the "well-being bells" section which you can directly access from the homepage (drop down box)

A list of self-help articles would be published for you. A new energy would be spaced out for you with refreshing articles on various topics like - health/relationships/spirit/body&mind.

Be Prepared, the reason I'm so wanting everyone of you to be a part of this is because only one thing in life is valuable and that is knowledge and awareness about yourself.

If you understand, who you really are, what is your purpose and why things are happening in your life, you will escape big time from this Time-Space Reality field of existence.

I'm on my way of learning about what life is and I really want you to be a part of this adventure because we all come from one source, from that one god and we all are one! Whether you believe it or not. Replace, the world "I" just for a moment and you will realize what I mean.

Pretty excited, to share some of the best things that happened with me during the past and how I recovered. More that that,  a bunch of exciting things coming your way.

So be prepared & fresh,
See you soon!!!
With lots of love,

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